Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Tuesday in the 'hood

Tuesday night trivia at the Universal Joint in Oakhurst has become a semi-regular thing for me and a group of guys I worked with back in my Evil Empire days.

The U-Joint, if you don't know, is a hip little neighborhood bar that used to be a service station (Universal Joint = car part, you see). It's owned by the husband of another Evil Empire alum, thus leading to our team name of "Guys Doing Brenda*" (her husband Langston* runs trivia night). It's a good time because Langston pulls some wacky shit together for his questions.

So last night it was myself, Big Ed, P. Diddy, The WB, Jimmy Show and Encyclopedia Brown comprising the Brenda Doers.

We overcame some missteps (Kansas, not Illinois, is named for the "south wind people", Johnny Unitas also played for the Chargers, not the Steelers) to pull out the victory. The keys were our knowing that Hank Williams referenced a pirogue in "Jambalaya" (hey, I grew up in Louisiana) and that an urban legend said Mr. Green Jeans was the father of Frank Zappa. On both those questions, we had the only correct answers and they were in the hands of Langston before he could even finish asking the questions. After that, there was no question that we had the "Joementum".

Encyclopedia Brown also pulled the name of Barney Fife's never-seen girlfriend (Juanita) out of the deep recesses of his mind, and I think we were the only ones to get that right.

It was our first-ever win, grabbing us $30 in house cash to help offset the big bill we'd run up. Seems, however, that the top prize used to be $50 ...

And by the end of the night, we'd attracted the attention of this 26-year-old girl sitting next to us with her boyfriend. We had suspected them of lifting our answers during the game, which led E.B. to cast a lot of evil looks their way. But by the time the (optional) big bonus question came around, she was over at our table being all sweet and 26, trying to find out if she should turn in her answers for who the first 5 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame were. Considering the clue said they were elected in 1936 and her list included Joe DiMaggio (who began his major-league career in 1936) and Hank Aaron (who was born in 1934), we advised against turning it in.

* name changed to protect the innocent


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