Tuesday, January 27, 2004

"This space reserved for people who aren't handicapped, but who might otherwise find it less than convenient to park more than 4 spaces from the door"

I went up to Harry's Farmers Market at lunch today. Yes, despite the buyout by Whole Foods, there are still two (I think) Harry's left here in Atlanta.

Harry's was - and is - a wonderful place. Back when I lived in Roswell & Alpharetta, I was there all the time. I'd take friends and family there when they came up to visit. Love it.

That's not the point of this piece, though.

When I pulled up to the store today, there was a woman pulling out of a primo spot right up front. I started to swing in to it when I noticed the sign - "Parking for Senior Citizens".

Then I look at the empty spot next to it. "Parking for Expectant Mothers."

Across the row - "Parking for Customers with Children."

Well, f*ck me. I'm not old, I can't bear children and have yet to bring a little Cap'n into the world.

I didn't see a "Parking for People Just Going About Their Business" sign, but I assumed any of the 30 or so spots not reserved for the handicapped, the old, the pregnant or the yard-ape-laden were OK for me to use.

Of course, Harry's should be able to reserve parking for whomever they want. In my mind, if they want to have "Whites Only" parking, I think that should be within their rights. Obviously they think it's good for their business to cater to the old, pregnant and crumb-crusher-carrying customers with special treatment.

I'd like to suggest, however, a little modification. Up next to the store, they should have a "Parking for Customers with Children who Know how to Handle their Children in Public" sign and way, way in the back should be a "Parking for Customers with Children they Refuse to Control in Public" sign.

I could go along with that.


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