Friday, January 02, 2004

Sugar Bowl bound ...

Well, not until Saturday morning. But there won't be another blogging opportunity before TCL and I head out in the early a.m.

It's not possible to overstate how big this weekend is for LSU and Louisiana. Our first crack at a national championship in 45 years, and we get that chance at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. If you're not an LSU fan, you simply can't understand the size of this event.

Of the schools who still contend for national championships, we're among the teams suffering the longest without one. We share our frustrations with those of Saints fans, and that shared frustration multiplies the significance of this moment for LSU. Except for about 10,000 Tulane fans, the entire state of Louisiana pulls for LSU with an intensity as great as any in America.

The Louisiana culture is one of raucous celebration. And the epicenter of Louisiana Madness is New Orleans. The city was the wildest place in the U.S. long before MTV and Playboy turned Mardi Gras into Spring Break.

So, this weekend, the two collide. The Perfect Storm of people and place.

Within a two-hour drive of New Orleans are approximately 2.3 million LSU fans. Expect about half of them to be in New Orleans Sunday. Nevermind that the Superdome only holds 72,000 people. The biggest party of (most) years - Mardi Gras - happens on the streets of New Orleans and involves not much more than walking around and drinking. Louisianians are used to that. And they will come to New Orleans to walk around, drink, and watch the Sugar Bowl on TV.

TCL and myself will arrive in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. We'll walk around and we'll drink until game time. We're among the fortunate 72,000 to have tickets, so we'll get to see LSU's biggest night in 45 years live.

I've linked to some live Bourbon Street webcams below, so look for us this weekend. I'll be the big guy with the beard; TCL is the one with the goatee.

Geaux Tigers!

Tricou House - Bourbon St. between St. Peter & Orleans

Corner of Bourbon & St. Peter streets

Bourbon Vieux Room - Bourbon St. at St. Louis St.

Mike Anderson's - Bourbon St. between Iberville and Bienville

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