Saturday, January 10, 2004

Rabbi Saban ... a damned sexy man

Nothing raises a person's profile like winning a national championship.

And this week, in the wake of LSU's domination of Oklahoma to win the 2003 NCAA football national championship, LSU head coach Nick Saban has a very high profile, not just among NFL owners, but also by web searchers who end up here at CKHW.

Since the first of the year, folks have made it to the Wisdom by searching on the following Saban queries:

• nick saban arab background
• hey nick saban
• nick saban is sexy
• nick saban AND jewish
• nick saban jewish
• Nick Saban Jewish
• is nick saban jewish
• Nick Saban sexy

I don't think Nick is arab; I'm not sure whether or not he's Jewish - and I wonder just a bit why that seems to matter to a good number of people - but he is damned sexy. He's the sexiest coach LSU has had since Paul Dietzel back in the 1958 season, in fact.

Here's a particularly sexy picture of Nick from the 2001 SEC Championship game:


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