Friday, January 23, 2004

Nuzzle puzzle

I'm minding my own business today when I get an email from a fellow blogger I'll refer to as "Jake"*. It read:
"I can't believe none of us has blogged about the frequently run banner ad picture on all of our blogs that depicts a guy eating a girl's ass. It's been running for a good month now."
My initial, internal response was "qua?" Then I started wondering what Jake's been writing about to get Blogger to put such an ad on his site.

So I went to his site - nope, just Blogger text ads. I came to the Wisdom and only found only ads for Cajun Sausage (damn good site -, BTW).

I wrote back expressing my puzzlement. Jake writes back saying he's not sure what the ad is, but everybody at his office sees this ad, which appears to have something to do with R Kelly.

A quick aside on Jake's employer. It's a notoriously conservative and controlling place. Supposedly all emails are filtered and kicked back for having dirty words, and, as Jake said, they can't even pull up (he tried today). Yet he sees an ad for some R Kelly product that involves nuzzling a woman's rear end.

So then he sends me the ad image. Nope, never seen that before. It's for somebody supposedly selling the R Kelly sex video.

I ask the wife if she sees ads for buttnuzzle videos when she's on a blog. Nope. She suggests maybe there's some kind of SpyWare on Jake's PC and those of his officemates. Could be.

I get Jake and another friend of mine over there to confirm this is not a joke. They say it's not a joke; they really see this on all BlogSpot sites.

So the question - as a public service - is whether any of you see this ad when visiting C.K.H.W. or other BlogSpot sites.
My high personal ethics prevent me from dropping the image into the Wisdom, but if you want to see what we're talking about, click here.

* Name changed to protect the reputation of "Jake".


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