Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A maple-flavored breakfast sausage by any other name would taste just as sweet

When I created my little "Jimmy Dean for America" button (left rail of the Wisdom), I didn't realize controversy was about to wrap Jimmy up like a pig in a blanket.

My button, of course, is a takeoff of Howard "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Dean's web buttons and was meant for nothing more than having a little fun at the expense of this particular asshat presidential candidate.

But this morning the news broke that Sara Lee Corp. - which owns Jimmy Dean sausage - will no longer be using Jimmy Dean as a spokesman for Jimmy Dean sausage.

A Sara Lee spokeswoman (her name is not Sara Lee, in case you were wondering) said "the brand was going in a new direction" that requires a different marketing approach, so they didn't renew Jimmy Dean's contract to market Jimmy Dean sausage.

A "new direction" ... for a product called "Jimmy Dean" sausage ... that doesn't include Jimmy Dean? OK. Can't wait to see the commercials for that.

Sara Lee, by the way, also owns the Rudy's Farm and Hillshire Farms sausage brands, so maybe they're not seeing a need to keep the JD brand out there as well.

I guess it's a good bonus of timing on my part that I have my little Jimmy Dean button on the site. Maybe I'll leave it up as a protest/tribute after Mr. Temper fades from the political scene. Of course, except for the fine maple-flavored Jimmy, I prefer Tennessee Pride (hot) sausage anyway.


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