Monday, January 05, 2004

Lee Corso ... right here, buddy

Good morning from New Orleans. LSU is the national champion. More on that later, but I'm compelled this morning to throw a big "bite me" out to ESPN's Lee Corso.

The first piece of last night's SportsCenter I saw this morning was Corso, in his infinite wisdom, saying with much confidence that there's no way LSU would have beaten USC (like it matters) unless - maybe - the game would have been played in New Orleans (which, of course, it would have been.)

Of course, Lee doesn't say a whole lot about why other than that USC would have been able to move the ball much better than Oklahoma.

Again, the humans just love USC. But let's look at a couple of facts here.

Even after being held to 102 yards passing, 52 yards rushing and 14 points, Oklahoma averaged 293 yards passing, 146 yards rushing and 42.9 points a game playing the 11th-toughest schedule in the NCAA (before the LSU game).

Even after putting up 342 yards passing, 68 yards rushing and 28 points on Michigan, USC averaged 291 yards passing, 101 yards rushing and 41.0 points a game playing the 37th-toughest schedule in the NCAA (before the Rose Bowl).

LSU, of course, shut down Oklahoma. Oklahoma, of course, is a better offensive team than USC. Oklahoma is also a better defensive team than USC.

But, of course, there's no way LSU beats USC. We beat the team that is, in fact, better than USC in every measurable category, but there's no way LSU beats USC.

In the words of the little Mormon kid who moved to South Park ... suck my balls, Lee.


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