Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's just soooo hard to stay P.C.

The wife and I watched Food Network's new Dweezil & Lisa show this morning. Lisa Loeb, of course, is a cute little thing, and Dweezil - being Frank Zappa's kid and everything - should be a pretty cool dude as well. Who knows? It could be interesting, and I figured it worth 22 minutes of our time.

And the first episode was shot here in Atlanta. Bonus.

The show was marginally interesting, with the biggest problem being that Dweezil and Lisa are apparently not - in fact - cool and funky people.

About half of the show was spent with Emily Saliers at Watershed. That made sense, as the show is about musicians and food. But it provided one of those great moments where people get caught in the trap of political correctness.

During a bit on wine tasting, Dweezil asked if Emily's fancy wine would still taste good in a styrofoam cup. Emily, of course, shot back that nothing is good in a styrofoam cup, as styrofoam is evil, etc. Dweezil and Lisa, of course, wholeheartedly agreed that you never should use styrofoam.

Cut to a later scene at The Cotton Club. It's Dweezil's birthday, and Lisa had a big cake made up for the whole audience to share. So the club breaks out 200 big styrofoam cups to serve the cake in. OK, maybe it would have been bad form for Lisa to stop the party and demand the banishment of styrofoam cups.

But the next shot showed Lisa eating a piece of cake -- off a big styrofoam plate. If she's so opposed to styrofoam, why's she gonna use it?

I imagine Lisa's doesn't really think styrofoam is evil. I think Emily does, and the Indigo Girls' concert rider probably says "no styrofoam products". And that's fine. If you want to take a stance on something - no matter how misguided it is - more power to you.

Lisa probably figured she should just look appropriately P.C. by seconding Emily's statement about never using styrofoam.

And that's the trap. P.C. types want to seem, well, politically correct. Lisa could have just let Emily's styrofoam statement pass and go back to wine talk, but she felt it was her role as a Democrat, liberal, environmentalist or whatever to back Emily up.

Of course, if Lisa was smart, she'd have said "Hey, this is gonna be on TV, and I was ripping on styrofoam earlier. Get me a damned plastic plate!"


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