Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Coming soon ... Kids Music - Uncut!

I heard a promo on Sirius this morning about their new comedy channel lineup. Seems the wife and I aren't the only ones who were somewhat surprised at the amount of filth being played on the service's one current comedy channel.

Now Sirius will have two comedy channels - Cracked Up Comedy ("hilarious programming for the whole family") and Raw Dog ("uncensored comic relief").

Don't get me wrong; I like filth. I think Robert Schimmel is one of the funniest guys out there, and his routines make Redd Foxx look like Bill Cosby. But some of the stuff on the current Sirius Comedy even make the Cap'n wonder what the hell they are doing.

There's a bit they play all the time about a sex show in Okinawa that's flat-out gross, and the wife asked me to change the stream on a trip back from NashVegas after hearing this lesbian sex/strap-on dildo routine that they also have in heavy rotation (I heard it again at lunch the other day).

Sirius doesn't really promote the fact that FCC rules don't apply to their own programming, but they sure do take advantage of it. The Club Pam show (Pam Anderson's weekly live show) is an F-bomb fest - especially when her very special man friend Kid Rock joins in, and a lot of their otherwise mundane talk shows seem to go out of their way to work the word "fuck" into the program.

But as their subscriber base grows (it's around 150,000 now), Sirius is going to come under more scrutiny from "pro-family" types, the auto makers baking Sirius functionality into their cars and, probably, the FCC.

Hopefully Tipper Gore won't get her Sirius subscription before January 19, when the bad stuff gets sectioned off into Raw Dog.

P.S. Raw Dog is a damned stupid name.


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