Thursday, January 01, 2004

Cap'n Ken's Big List of Recommended RSS Feeds

Updated 05/15/04

I'm pretty frustrated by the lack of a comprehensive directory of RSS feeds, so I decided to create a list of the RSS feeds I use and enjoy. I'll maintain this list and update it as I add more feeds.

If you have a favorite feed (or 20) that you think I should check out and/or add to this list, please post a comment with the feed location and description (I have a feed that tells me when I get comments, too).

Personal Blogs
Cap'n Ken's Homespun Wisdom - Shameless self promotion. The Wisdom is without a doubt the best blog on the 'net. |
Caffeinated Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever - The wife's blog. Also damn fine, and much more popular than the Wisdom. |
Sugar, Mr. Poon? - It's a Fletch reference. Poon's a lawyer/golf type, but is pretty damn entertaining. |
Sour Bob - Just a little insane, but always a good read. |
Robin's Ramblings - Now officially a "real-world" friend of the wife, thanks to the wonder that is blogging. |
Aubrey Sabala - An Atlanta chick, and a good writer. |
Daniella's Misaventures - A virtual friend of the wife. She used to live in New Orleans and lives in Jersey now. |
Alton Brown - The (Atlanta-based) host of Good Eats. This is in the "personal" category because it's really just Alton ranting about what pisses him off. Good Stuff. |
That Yellow Bastard - Computer geek / Buffy obsessive / Gator fan who I used to work with and now helps me lose at trivia. |
Reading in the Dark - Another Atlanta chick. Gets big points in my book by using the word "dogger" all the time. |
Dizzy Girl - A perky little right-winger living down in Savannah. |
Espresso Sarcasm - The second-best coffee-themed blog around. |
Professional Blogs
Boing Boing - An essential tool for keeping up on all things that are anything. |
Best Week Ever - Daily musings and mockery of the entertainment world from the folks behind's VH1's best show. |
Industry Standard Blog - Insight on the high tech/online industries, if you still care. |
Google Blog (unofficial) - News and views on the big G. Obviously more interesting than the official Google blog. |
Google Blog (official) - Maybe someday there will be something interesting here that doesn't read like a press release. Yes, Google demands attention. |
John Battelle's Searchblog - Everything you need to follow in the world of search. |
General News
New York Times Top News - An engineered feed that deliveres All The News That's Fit To Feed |
Yahoo! Top Stories - News amalgamated as only Yahoo can. |
Reuters U.S. News - American news from a British news agency. Sure, why not? |
Yahoo! Most Viewed - The day's top news, as run through the filter of the ignorant masses. |
Technology News & Features
Wired - Top Stories - Big news, all focused on technology. |
CNET News - More geek news, less business news than Wired. |
PC Magazine New Products - News and reviews of the latest technology. |
MajorGeeks - And endless flow of new shareware and freeware. |
Industry Standard - Metrics - The latest stats and trends in the online world. |
Entertainment News & Features
Yahoo! News - Entertainment - The Big Y's roundup of entertainment news. Updated every 2.5 seconds, or so it seems. |
Reuters Entertainment News - Kind of like Yahoo! Entertainment News, except that it's from Reuters. |
Business News & Features
Bloomberg - The business news comes fast and furious from the prolific Bloombergers. |
Reuters Business News - Yes, it's business news from Reuters. |
Atlanta / Georgia News
AJC A-Section - This, along with the below AJC feeds, were created by That Yellow Bastard and grab the print-edition stories each morning. You have to register (create a fake web mail account somewhere) in order to view. |
AJC Business Section - The print version of the business section. |
AJC Living Section - The print version of the living section. |
AJC Metro Section - The print version of the metro section. |
AJC Sports Section - The print version of the sports section. |
Atlanta News ( - Keyworded news related to Atlanta that comes from random sources. |
Baton Rouge / New Orleans / Louisiana News
Yahoo! News - Baton Rouge - A search-driven feed from Yahoo! news focused on Baton Rouge. |
Baton Rouge News ( - Keyworded news related to Baton Rouge that comes from random sources. |
LSU News ( - Keyworded news related to LSU that comes from random sources. |
New Orleans News ( - Keyworded news related to New Orleans that comes from random sources. |
Other News & Features
Drudge Report - Because you never know when the next Monica scandal will break. |
Fark - A feed may be the only way to keep up with the prolific farkers. |
F'ed Company - The implosion of American business, right there on your desktop. |
Dilbert - Each day's Dilbert cartoon rendered in your news reader. |
World Sex News Daily - Hey, news about sex. What could be a better read? |
Ask Yahoo! - With so much searching going on, Yahoo! has decided to provide some answers. |
Offbeat News ( - An assemblage of weird news. |
Reuters - Oddly Enough - More weird news, this time from Reuters. |


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