Tuesday, December 09, 2003

When I think how my life was in danger ...

Another followup from the SEC Championship Saturday night is also a followup on my post about "security" at Philips Arena (it involved me having to empty my pockets - except that I didn't empty all of them, which was not a problem).

TCL and I got up to the Ga. Dome entrance about 7:45 Saturday night, pretty well tanked up on Maker's Mark and TCL with a very nice silver flask (oddly enough with the initials "TCL" engraved on it) full of 101 Wild Turkey. I'd said earlier that he might want to leave it in the car because of "security", but we'd had enough Maker's by the time we headed over we'd forgot to swing by and drop it off.

So how tough was "security" at the SEC Championship - probably the country's highest-profile event that evening? By kickoff we were sippin' de-flasked Turkey and Diet Cokes in our seats.

No "empty your pockets, please." No "please take your cap off." No metal detectors, patdowns or delays. I think they may have been looking into some purses, but TCL and I breezed right in.

Yet three days earlier I'd attended an insignificant, regular-season hockey game next door and the "security" measures involved this ridiculous "empty your pockets" routine.

Am I to think, then, that the 12,000-person hockey game was somehow a bigger "security" risk than the 74,000-person SEC Championship?


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