Monday, December 01, 2003

SEC Week 14 wrapup

C.K.H.W. is not a football blog, I swear ...

But LSU football is on my mind 24/7 nowadays, thus it filters into the blog. Again, sue me.

My Tigers, of course, took care of business in a big way against the Hogs. Fate, however, was not so kind to us. On Saturday we were let down by Kentucky, Florida, Alabama and even Louisiana Tech in our drive to outsmart the BCS formula and pass USC. Bastards.

It looks like our hope of rising to No. 2 in the BCS (if we beat Georgia, of course) rests in the human polls. And, if we beat the team both polls have ranked No. 5 to go to 12-1 while USC finishes up against an unranked 7-4 team to get to 11-1, what self-respecting AP writer or coach can claim USC is a better team?

To that end, the Anderson & Hester (a BCS computer) site has a very telling stat on their site this week. LSU has played 4 of the teams currently ranked in the A&H Top 25 (No. 10 Georgia, No. 20 Arkansas, No. 23 Florida and No. 24 Ole Miss) and has beaten three of them. If we beat Georgia again, that will be 5 games and 4 wins against their Top 25. By contrast, USC has played only 1 current A&H Top 25 team (No. 17 Washington State), and the second-best team they've played is No. 37 Notre Dame.

USC has played just 4 teams with winning records this season (9-3 Washington State, 8-4 Hawaii, 7-5 Auburn and 7-6 Cal - who they lost to).

LSU, on the other hand, has played 6 teams with winning records (10-2 Georgia, 9-3 Ole Miss, 9-3 Western Illinois [I-AA], 8-4 Florida - who we lost to, 8-4 Arkansas and 7-5 Auburn).

We're hurt in strength of schedule by playing I-AA Western Ill., because their wins don't count in our SOS (but their losses do). We played Western Ill. because Division I Marshall backed out on our game. So fuck Marshall and their Thundering Turd.

But I digress.

If LSU beats Georgia and ends the season with two wins over a 10-win, Top-5 team, we deserve to pass USC in the polls. I like our chances to pass them in the coaches poll, and maybe even the AP.

So, Tiger fans, get on the phone this week and call your local sportswriter and/or college football coach and read them this blog. Every vote counts.

Now back to the wrapup. The week of wishful-thinking picks hurt me. I got LSU right, of course, and got the Georgia and Ole Miss games right. But I missed on Florida, Kentucky and Bama.

So a 3 - 3 week leaves me finishing the regular season at 75 - 22 (.773 winning percentage) and 11 - 1 on my Tigers.


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