Saturday, December 27, 2003

The Right Reverend Howard Dean

Politics ain't my thing here at the Wisdom - and neither is religion (in the sense of "religion is good"), but the stories coming about about asshat Howard Dean's plan to talk up Jesus in the South compells me to mock.

Dean, of course, is a politician. And politicians, of course, will say and do whatever they think they need to to get elected. Dean needs the South; the South loves Jesus ... so Howie will praise Jesus - but only in the South.

But here's the rub: Dean's not exactly Another Boy for Jesus. Both his wife and his daughter are Jewish. He claims to be a "Congregationalist" which - as near as I can tell - is some New England sect rooted in old colonialist traditions.

And, best of all, he used to be an Episcopalian (a Catholic who doesn't like to work hard at the whole religion thing), but left the church back in the 1980s over a dispute about a bike path he wanted to build in Vermont.

Yes, a bike path. He wanted a bike path, the church didn't ... so he left the church.

A bike path.

I guess if President Dean wanted to build a base in Norway and NATO opposed it, the U.S. would just quit NATO.

But I digress ...

So his family is Jewish, he used to be Episcopalian but quit over a bike path, and now he's a Congregationalist. That'll go over well down at Ebenezer Baptist.

P.S. The super-cool "Jimmy Dean for America" button appearing in my right rail (a Cap'n Ken original) was conceived and built before this whole Rev. Dean thing came out. It's just a coincidence that they were both published this weekend.


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