Monday, December 15, 2003

Cap'n Ken answers your search questions

This week the old search/mail bag brings us the following inquiries:

does lsu wear gold or purple football jerseys for road games (Yahoo)

Well, I tried to stay away from LSU football stuff this week ... but since you asked, LSU actually wears white jerseys - not gold or purple - jerseys on the road. We also wear white jerseys at home. It's one of those weird Louisiana things, so don't ask why. Makes us unique though, doesn' t it?

dish-pro explained (Google) and mix legacy and dishpro (Yahoo)

Given my recent experience with the DishNetwork folks trying to set up my DishPVR 721 in the new house, it's not surprising that customers are turning to random jackass bloggers such as myself for answers.

The DishPro is essentially an all-in-one antenna thingy (called the LNBF) coupled with Dish's next-generation receivers (such as my 501 and 721 PVRs). I'm not sure what it means for a receiver to be a DishPro, but a DishPro LNBF has internal switches, which means it doesn't work with "legacy" (old) switches. This is an issue if you've had just a single or dual LNBF running through splitters to more than one (single) or two (dual) tuners. You'll need the DishPro Quad LNBF to use three or four receivers if you go DishPro.

sex scene photo monster ball hooker girl name is real hooker (Google)

girl name amber rules hooker is real actress

fucking megan ashford (Google)

Two choices on this one - the first is FCC-approved, the second is FCC-banned:

1) No shit! That fucking Megan Ashford!! What a bitch, dude!

2) Never had the pleasure, but I hear it's a good time.

No, I have no idea who this Megan Ashford is. In fact, she may be the most anonymous person on Earth. With a not-too-uncommon-sounding name, Googling only produces two results for an actual "Megan Ashford". Maybe that's what the searcher is so pissed about.


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