Monday, November 17, 2003

SEC Week 12 wrapup

If Saturday night's game at Alabama was the "late-season letdown" game for LSU, I'll take it. The offense started strong, sputtered, and then recovered, while the defense didn't let up all night long.

We held Bama to just 65 rushing yards (actually above our average of 60) and, of course, 3 points (we still lead the nation in scoring defense).

I'd picked a win, but a close one. But a win's a win here at CKHW.

Elsewhere, Georgia had no problem with Auburn, thanks in large part to Auburn forgetting that it's a running team. I got that one right.

The Crocodiles had more trouble with South Carolina than they should, but they came through with the win for Zook (and me).

[interesting side note: with the Crocs winning now, and with their Florida State showdown looming, it's very possible that if Georgia were to lose to Georgia Tech, the Crocs would be rated higher in the BCS, which - thanks to the B.S. tiebreaker rule change - would mean Tennessee goes to the SEC Championship]

The Vols had no trouble with MSU, as predicted.

Vandy, however, spoiled my perfect week, upsetting JLoad and the Cats. Seems Kentucky may have some motivation going into the Georgia game afterall ...

Arkansas took care of non-SEC business against New Mex St.

So, 5 - 1 for the week, 66 - 19 for the season, and 9 - 1 on my Tigers.


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