Monday, November 10, 2003

SEC Week 11 wrapup

No, I haven't been avoiding writing this because I had a bad week; just been busy.

After a weekend where 5 of the 6 teams ranked ahead of LSU in the BCS played; and after 3 of those 5 teams lost, I'm a happy camper. LSU is ranked No. 3 in the country. Yippee for us. It means not much if we don't win the next four games - Bama, Ole Miss, Arkansas and SEC East Champion - but it's a nice feeling.

But a good weekend for an idle LSU did not mean a good weekend of football pickin' for the Cap'n ...

I picked Auburn to beat Ole Miss, and I was one really, really, really poorly-timed dropped pass away from being right. Apart from one of the worst choke moments in the history of SEC football, that game really came down to Auburn not being able to convert on 3rd downs. Eli and company were pretty underwhelming on offense, and they allowed a poor-throwing Auburn to march down the field largely on pass plays on that last drive. So enjoy No. 1 in the SEC West, Col. Reb. You're going down a week from Saturday. But I missed this pick.

I also missed the Tennessee win over Miami, but I doubt few people whose wardrobe ventures outside of the orange hues or who have more than 4 teeth picked the Vols here.

Arkansas rolled up South Carolina Thursday, as predicted.

Bama destroyed a really, really bad MSU team, as foreseen.

And Florida managed to beat Vandy. No surprise there.

So a poor week at 3 - 2 brings me to 61 - 18 for the season, and I hold at 8-1 on my Tigers.


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