Sunday, November 02, 2003

SEC Week 10 wrapup

Playing just one half of football Saturday night, LSU rang up 49 points on poor La. Tech. And although I was disappointed to see the boys take the second half off - it's official school policy to run up the score, you know (see 'Hey Fightin' Tigers' ... "you got to go for the touchdown, run up the score, make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar ...") - it was just the kind of no-letdown game we needed to make a case in the polls.

And as a result, we're No. 4 in both polls today. We'll see how the BCS shakes out at 3.

I wasn't happy to see us give up a season-high 121 yards rushing to La. Tech, but that's really nitpicking, isn't it? We held a team that averages 323 yards passing and 28 points a game to 220 and 10.

The annual "Florida beats Georgia" game played out as predicted, although with much less scoring that I'd have thought. Postgame sports radio chatter has brought out all the "what ifs" from UGA fans "Man, if we'd have just made a touchdown on that last drive," but the biggest "what if" is ... what if Ed Z had the balls to do something other than run up the gut for all 6 plays of Florida's two first-and-goal opportunities early in the game? Jesus, Ed, have some faith in Mr. Leak.

I'd picked the Arkansas / Kentucky game to go to a record-tying 7 overtimes, but I had Kentucky winning in. Oh well. Actually, I picked Kentucky to dominate, and if J-Load and his receivers had played worth a damn the first 50 minutes of the game, they might have. So I blew this one.

I got South Carolina / Ole Miss right. Auburn v Ole Miss will be fun this weekend.

I'm pretty impressed with my pick in the UL Monroe / Auburn game. I said 63 - 6, and it turned out 73 - 7.

Tennessee looked very not-impressive in their win over Duke. They're going to have a tough time against Miami this weekend. But I got the pick right.

So, for the week I'm 5 - 1, for the season 58 - 16 and 8 - 1 on the Tigers.


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