Monday, November 17, 2003

No unfunny chinese women, please

With time to kill this evening and not much inspiration coming my way for a blog, I decided to spend some time looking around the blogsphere for some Atlanta / Georgia / Southern blog links to throw out.

From what I can tell, I may be the world's most discriminating blog-linker. The links you'll see in my right-side rail represent the totality of unrelated (in the sense of being friends/family) blogs I've so far come across and find interesting enough to link to.

It's a short list. I worked hard to find the seven blogs which now live under the Atl / Ga. / Southern Blogs section.

There are a lot of things that keep blogs off my links list.

Of course, blogs that suck or aren't updated with some sort of frequency get cast right off.

Among the other, completely subjective reasons I decided against linking to particular blogs today:

• An otherwise snappy blogger making a reference to himself as a sommelier (I hate wine snobs)

• An otherwise snappy blogger promoting herself a little too loudly as Pro Life and Republican

• An otherwise snappy blogger trying just a bit too hard to be sexy in her bio-photo

• An otherwise snappy blogger being a bit too sexy in her bio-photo for me to not feel guilty for linking to her

• An otherwise snappy blogger professing a deep appreciation for the humor of Margaret Cho

So for now, it's just these seven. I welcome requests from other bloggers or fans of particular blogs to list 'em here.


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