Thursday, November 06, 2003

HOA meeting followup

Turns out the "emergency" was that one of the homeowners' big-ass dog (140 pounds, I hear) is "dog aggressive", its owners refuse to keep him on a leash and he's attacked two other dogs in the neighborhood. Sucks to be the couple living next door, as they have had their dog attacked and now the asshats owners of Cujo are filing vindictive complaints with animal control that the other couple's dog runs around loose (which is apparently not true).

And now the association will enforce the leash law, with progressive penalties and ultimately the removal of a dog (yes, they can do that) if problems persist.

So that was fun.

Of course, it was also the opportunity to meet the cul-de-sac people. They all appear to be decent folks, although there was just one couple (the attackees) who don't seem like they'd be as happy living in Alpharetta as East Atlanta. Not that there's anything wrong with that. More people who might buy in Alpharetta should think about buying in the city. Helps my property values, you know. But I like the hipsters more.

And if Cujo is termed "dog aggressive", we'll have to classify the Little Black Dog as "life form aggressive," as he hates and wants to kill just about anything that moves. If he were not 14 inches tall, 17 pounds and afraid to actually attack the things he barks at, he might be dangerous.


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