Thursday, November 13, 2003

Cap'n Ken answers your search questions ...

First up in today's entries from the search pile is from a Google searcher who asks:

luxor hooker vegas find

Unfortunately, Mr. Searcher, Cap'n Ken did not find a hooker when we stayed at the Luxor during our recent Vegas trip, so I don't have much advice to offer. Sadly, there were a ton of Midwestern moms pushing strollers through the casino, but nary an obvious hooker (at least not one already bought by some high-roller) to be found.

Also in the pile, another Google searcher asks:


Dude, thanks for the tip! Although they are not called "LSU" bottles (I imagine the NCAA frowns upon associating schools with whisky), Maker's Mark has rolled out a new season of "regional bottles." And, according to the web site announcement, "Louisiana" is one of the regions represented. I trust that the Louisiana bottle is, in fact, dipped in purple and gold wax.

The special bottles are sold in the specific markets, which means the Louisiana one would be available - obviously - down in Louisiana.

Hmm, that sounds like a great Christmas gift idea for somebody who's both a fan of LSU and Maker's Mark ...

And finally, from MSN:

i hate the Big Ten

Man, I'm with you there. Outside of Michigan and (some years) Ohio State, the Big Ten is completely overrated. That conference blows.


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