Wednesday, November 19, 2003

And speaking of PETA ...

The anti-anti-animal people are taking heat for an ad they've produced that promotes dog neutering my making fun of Clay Aiken, the Martin Short impersonator who almost won American Idol or something (having never watched an episode, I'm not 100% on that, but I think maybe he lost out to a fat black guy).

In the ad, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog promotes canine castration with the line "Get Neutered—It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken." Aiken drew the ire of PETA by telling a Rolling Stone writer he hates cats and thinks he ran over a kitten once.

OK, you piss off PETA, they make fun of you. Sounds fair enough.

But, no.

PETA can exploit the near-death experience of Roy Horn by saying captive tigers are going to turn on innocent people and there's no outcry. They can feature campaigns such as "Tell the Girl Scouts to Stop Torturing and Killing Animals" with little if any public outcry. They can even go after Christians with a "I said 'Thou shalt not kill" vegetarian billboard without getting Jerry Falwell in an uproar.

But speak ill of America's (second?) best-loved under-talented, over-marketed pop star of the moment? You've gone too far, PETA! TOO DAMN FAR!!!

Apparently the group was flooded with complaints from the bean-poled geek's fans protesting such a harsh and unfair attack on what is surely the most talented young performer to come along in nearly 6 weeks.

And PETA is now backpedaling on the Triumph / Clay Aiken campaign, putting a stop to the planned rollout of the campaign (PETA people are saying they're waiting to see if Aiken apologizes for the RS remarks).

If only Clay Aiken were in the National Guard - we could end the war in Iraq tomorrow.


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