Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ah, to be in Paris in the Springtime ...

OK, I admit it. I watched the Paris Hilton sex video, or at least the 3-minute clip that was sent around to the media and which you can download from just about anywhere right now (no links on this one ... do your own damn research).

As a loyal viewer of Celebrities Uncensored, I've become a fan of Paris. Any girl who's that hot, young, rich and blonde is aces in my book. Not that I figure Paris to be a great person, fun to talk to or anything like that. She's a different take on the Pam Anderson / Carmen Electra living-sex-doll thing. Paris is the spoiled, skinny, rich version of the living sex doll.

So the video was a big letdown. Not only is the "sample" clip shot on what looks like - at least in the version I saw - some kind of night-vision camera, but all through it Paris is doing exactly what she does on Celebrities Uncensored - vamping for the camera!

On Celebrities Uncensored, Paris will just stop in the middle of the street when she sees a camera. She vogues and poses until her friends finally drag her away. And on the sex video, we see her naked, seemingly ready to get busy ... then she stops to vogue for the camera! There's her dude doing his best to keep his member at attention, trying to back her up, and she's caught up in watching herself on the monitor. When the dude finally manages to back her into position, she keeps backing up to get herself into the frame (and push him out)!

There are about four scenes in all, and each is the same story. She doesn't seem at all interested in the sex. To her, it's just another chance to get in front of a camera.

I think I understand now why her (non-porn) movie career hasn't panned out.


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