Thursday, October 16, 2003

Yes sir, Mr. Randall. Whatever you say

On the way home from work today, my drive was held up for about 5 minutes as a big truck turned around and backed up on Grant Street. I was pretty annoyed until I got past the truck and realized it was from one of my favorite Atlanta companies - Randall Brothers.

Randall Brothers is a big building materials/HVAC concern that is - and has been since 1885 - headquartered on Marietta Street near my old office. It's Atlanta's 5th-oldest active company according to the AJC.

But my love for all things historic is not why I like Randall Brothers so much. What I love is their logo.

To wit:

That small Web graphic isn't the best representation of the logo, so look for the big orange trucks to get a better view. (Big props for the use of purple and gold, BTW)

The Randall slogan "Pointing the way to better living" is illustrated in their logo by what appears to be a Mafia boss threatening to inflict some serious harm on you.

Seems to me "pointing the way to better living" would be illustrated by a guy in coveralls pointing confidently out toward the horizon or something.

But no, we get a really mean looking dude in a black suit pointing right fucking at us for Chrissakes!

"Pointing the way to you keeping your legs unbroken by buying a fucking air conditioner" is more like it.

According to the Randall website, the "Pointing Man" is not Mr. Randall or anybody in particular. The logo has been in use, the site says, for more than 90 years and "exemplifies their seriousness and determination to serve."

Yeah, to serve a fucking horse head up in my bed.


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