Thursday, October 02, 2003

Where are all the white women at?

I got waaaay sidetracked on a clickstream of consciousness this evening that started out on the Census site looking at their "poverty" report (poverty report = B.S.; remember, this is the same government that says I'm rich).

I ended up digging into the U.S. population projections, which take current trends out to the year 2025. Most interesting are the projected changes in the country's ethnic makeup.

A lot has been made of the emergence of Hispanics as the country's largest minority, much to the chagrin of Jesse Jackson and the like. And while Jesse has reason to worry, the David Dukes of the world should be the ones really pitching a fit.

Of course, most white supremacists are not very bright. The mainstream media is not likely to focus on the looming disappearance of the white man, either.

But here at Cap'n Ken's, we're not afraid to tackle the controversial issues. So, armed with the Census projections and some handy Excel formulas, I came up with the following tidbits:

• In 2000, Non-Hispanic Whites (I assume that means "pure" whites) made up 71.8% of the U.S. population. By 2025, the Census projects Whites will make up just 62.4%.

• During those same 25 years, the Hispanic population is projected to go from 11.4% of the population to 17.6% of the population.

• Blacks will be the most stable of the Big 3 ethnic groups and are projected to grow from 12.9% of the population in 2000 to 14.2% in 2025.

So, while Blacks get passed by Hispanics on the minority hit parade; it's only the Whites who actually lose ground overall.

Of course, when a person must be 100% "white" to be called "White" but can be 2% "black" and be called "Black", the pale folks can't help but lose population share.

So what's a white supremacist to do? Is anywhere gonna be safe for white folks 23 years from now?

According to the Census data, the five whitest states in 2000 - Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Iowa - will still be the most colorless in 2025, albeit each a shade or so darker. Maine, for example, is expected to go from 97.7% white to only 96.3% white.

There is no state that will become "more white" between now and 2025, although Arkansas, South Carolina and Alabama will hold closest to their current whiteness.

California will become much less white during that time. Alaska, New Jersey, Nevada and Rhode Island will also lose significant white share.

Blackening up the most over the next 23 years are Maryland, Georgia, Delaware, Louisiana and Connecticut.

Browning the best will be Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Every state in the U.S. is projected to have a higher percentage of Hispanics in 2025 than it has today. No state will have a higher percentage of Whites.

My advice to the Klan? You all should move to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, then work toward secession. Those states are barely attached to the rest of the U.S. anyway. It's gonna be the last stand for white folks in America.


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