Sunday, October 05, 2003

Thank you, Jesus, for keeping the Red Sox alive

After hitting the game-winning, elimination-stopping, 11th-inning home run at Fenway Park last night, Boston's Trot Nixon explained what happened to ESPN's Gary Miller:

"I went to the plate asking the Lord to just calm my nerves ... I told him to just calm my nerves and allow me to honor Him out there on the field. And he came through for me today. It wasn't me swinging that bat; it was the Lord Jesus Christ."

Fortunately for Boston, Jesus choose to spend his Saturday at Fenway Park keeping the Sox' post-season hopes alive.

That's too bad for Jerome Bright.

While Jesus was taking batting practice before the game yesterday, he didn't notice Jerome, an 8-year-old Philadelphia boy, riding his scooter out in front of an SUV.

Jesus was happy to help Trot calm his nerves at the plate for his big baseball moment. The Lord could have helped keep small planes from crashing in Utah and Iowa Saturday, but who would have noticed that?

Trot is proud to be able to honor The Lord at the plate. And he was rewarded by Jesus' guiding hand on that home run.

Elsewhere Saturday, Jesus guided a hit-and-run driver into Stephen Gates as he changed a tire along I-40 in North Carolina and an 18-wheeler into an Idaho man as he was putting gas into his pickup on I-84.


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