Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Snuggle partners now plentiful for "Steve"

The guy suspected of sneaking into coeds' apartments in Baton Rouge is in custody, and now spending his evenings in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

That's "Steve" (Steve E. Danos of Westwego) on the left.

Apparently Steve was also arrested back in March and pled guilty to reduced charges for similar breaking-and-watching incidents around LSU.

I imagine Steve will not lack any snuggle buddies in EBR Parish Prison.

In other Louisiana news, Master P's little brother "C-Murder" was convicted of, oddly enough, murder in suburban New Orleans.

That's C's mug shot, or maybe a promo shot. Hard to tell.

Anyway, the white boy who doesn't understand hip-hop in me wants to write C-Murder off an just another idiot "gangsta" who gets rich but still acts like a thug (i.e. beating and shooting a kid outside a nightclub).

But considering this happened in Louisiana, and specifically in white-flight, anti-urban Jefferson Parish, it's entirely possible that C-Murder is being railroaded.

In any case, C-Murder won't be able to snuggle with "Steve" at Parish Prison, in case you were wondering. He's in the Jefferson Parish joint while he awaits his mandatory life sentence before heading out to Angola.


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