Sunday, October 26, 2003

SEC Week 9 wrapup

OK, I admit it. I was completely wrong about the LSU / Auburn game.

It turns out we could hold those Tigers to our season average of just 53 yards rushing (actually, 50) and break their defense for an assload of yards and points.

I'm glad Char-lez couldn't make it over to the new house to watch the game with me and Tom. It was ugly.

So now LSU is 7 - 1, ranked 7th in the nation and poised (with wins over Ole Miss, Alabama and Arkansas) to get back to the title game in Atlanta. We play La. Tech this weekend in a tune-up for the SEC homestretch. This is where we usually fall apart. We'll see if Nick can hold the boys together.

Elsewhere: Tennessee / Alabama got real fun at the end. Tom and I put the LSU game on DVR hold while we watched this one wrap up. I got the pick right.

Arkansas / Ole Miss - Eli continued his run through the SEC. The road gets tougher now, boy. But I got this one right, too.

UAB / Georgia - I loved seeing the Dawgs stink the joint up again. I'd have been happy to give up this pick to see them lose. But no.

Miss State / Kentucky - Got it right.

Vandy / South Carolina - Got it right.

Damn, 6 - 0 for the week! No real shockers in my picks, but feels good nonetheless. That puts me 53 - 15 for the season, 7 - 1 on the Tigers.


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