Monday, October 13, 2003

SEC Week 7 recap

Well, LSU finally pulled an LSU and turned to shit when it mattered. Florida came in with an excellent gameplan to counter our pressure-heavy defense, and Chris Leak made few mistakes, but my Tigers just didn't come to play.

Stupid penalties; dropped passes; an inability to stop Florida's ground game and short passes; and just a lack of interest, it seems, spelled doom from the outset. We could be 6-0 right now and ranked 4th in the country. But no, this is LSU. We screw the pooch, fall to 5-1, give Auburn the clear shot to Atlanta, drop to No. 10 in the polls and hand Georgia our No. 4 spot. Lovely.

One could argue that LSU should still be ranked higher than Georgia, seeing as their one loss is to us ... but after UGA's rout of Tennessee, it's clear they are the class of the SEC East and deserve the conference's top ranking.

So I blew the LSU call, but got all my other Saturday picks right. Factor in my "miss" of the Thursday game ... 6 - 2 for the week; 42 - 14 for the season, 5 - 1 on LSU picks.


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