Monday, October 06, 2003

SEC Week 6 recap

Florida looks bad, mkay?

I think Mr. Leak is going to have a tough time handling the crowd at Tiger Stadium, seeing as he was rattled by his home crowd against Ole Miss.

To the recap!

• Auburn / Tennessee. I didn't hear a single commentator, analyst or announcer pick the No. 7 Vols over the unranked Tigers before the game. And with good reason. Auburn is a good team with a bad start. The West is still LSU/Auburn/Arkansas. So I got this one right.

• Georgia / Alabama. As predicted, an easy win for the Dawgs, although they did their part to make it an ugly, ugly second half.

• Florida / Ole Miss. Florida is bad, mkay? Missed this one.

• MSU / Vandy. The pride is back in Starkville!

For the week, 3 - 1. For the season, 36 - 12. Still 5 - 0 on LSU.


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