Friday, October 10, 2003


Some old, abandoned, about-to-be-torn-down government building in Downtown Baton Rouge caught on fire yesterday:

[side note: The caption to that photo (from The Advocate - the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) read: "The state Department of Education building, which is slated to be imploded, is wrapped for an asbestos abatement project. A statue of former Gov. Huey P. Long, as seen through a telephoto lens, appears to be standing near the burning building." Gee, thanks. I'd have never figured out that the statue appears to be near the building.]

Anyway, the overly-long story in The Advocate about this event talked about how people were freaking because the building has asbestos and that the asbestos might be spreading through the air - nevermind that asbestos is, in fact, a fire retardant.

And we had this quote from a Karen Bacon, a paralegal (and parathinker) who works nearby and took photos of the fire to show her kids:

"I think it will remind them of the World Trade Center," she said. "It's similar to what we went through that day, but on a smaller scale."

If by "similar to what we went through" Karen means there was not really much happening in Baton Rouge that day, she has a point.

But a fire at an abandoned building being similar to Sept. 11? Come on. Sure, this old firetrap is one of the tallest buildings in town, and the concrete wrapper they put on it makes it look kind of WTCish, but give me a break.

Just goes to show that outside of LSU football and Indians running for governor, there's not a hell of a lot happening in B.R.


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