Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A Pity Link

I woke up this morning and checked in on the wife's blog to see what she was working up last night as I drifted off to sleep around 9 (I haven't been sleeping well, and it caught up to me).

Turns out one of the "what's pissing me off today" items she linked to was my blog about Jesus' apparent (if you are to believe Trot Nixon) preference for the Boston Red Sox to prosper at the expense of small children and other humans.

I like that blog of mine. I think I did a pretty good job of making fun of "Christians" like Nixon who think Jesus gives a rat's ass about baseball.

But the wife's reference to it (and her mention in her subsequent blog about buying "shares" of Cap'n Ken) is pure web log pity.

See, the wife is a rising star in the blog world. She's had Pulitzer Prize-winning writers wanting her to comment on news stories, she's been featured on MSNBC.com's web log column and her readership is loyal and growing.

Here at Cap'n Ken's, I consider it a good week if both Tom and Will stop by to read me.

I think I have a good blog. Apart from the SEC football stuff, which I include for my own amusement and future reference, I think the stuff I write about is often interesting and I like to think I have an entertaining writing style.

I am, after all, a trained and formerly professional journalist.

But Cap'n Ken's Homespun Wisdom gets less traffic than a cul-de-sac in Dawson County and generates less buzz than a burned-out light bulb.

Meanwhile the wife is a certified Blog Star.

This used to bother me. It's not that the wife doesn't deserve her success; she's extremely bright, a keen observer of the world and a good writer to boot. She used to be a semi-professional writer as well. We're just very competitive. And I'm losing at the blog thing.

But yesterday I came across a study conducted by Perseus about web logs that explains a lot.

According to the study, not only are women more active blog creators (56% of blogs are created by women), but women are more likely than men to stick with their blogs.

Apparently women are just more interested than men in creating blogs and in reading each other's blogs.

Women bloggers also benefit from the "girls who blog" link lists that form an instant community based just on gender (of course, if women make up the majority of bloggers, it would be more logical to have "guys who blog" to represent the actual minority. But that wouldn't work).

So my scapegoat for the lack of success at Cap'n Ken's is the blog culture itself. Apparently it's a girl's game.


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