Friday, October 10, 2003

Paddling-and-videotaped-masturbation-loving-coroner-candidate update

Jerry Sanders has dropped out of the race for Baton Rouge coroner. Seems the "bad press" he received related to his supposed love for paddling his adult male cousins and his desire to videotape them masturbating lowered his chances of winning the runoff (he came in first in the primary).

Sanders also says he will quit his current job of deputy coroner, thus leaving dozens of corpses to go unspanked in the weeks ahead.

Shannon Cooper, the man who finished second in the race and will now win the runoff by default, was gracious in his comments about the news.

"This is a good outcome for the parish," he said. "I am the best qualified for the position, so it was an inevitable outcome as I see it."

Sanders abandons race


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