Wednesday, October 08, 2003

No doubt on Arnold now

Going into election day in California, I heard an interesting take on how one might look at the vote.

The first question, of course was whether to recall Davis. It could be argued that the percentage of people voting "no" on recall were, in fact, voting for Davis as the candidate in the race. That doesn't take into account the people who probably would not vote for Davis specifically but didn't want to see the recall happen for whatever reason, but still a valid point.

So, the logic went, if Davis got around 45% of the vote (the "no"s) and Arnold got the 30% or so he was projected to get in the new governor's race, then Davis really "beats" Arnold.

Interesting way of looking at it.

Of course, in the end is looks like Arnold got more votes (3.575 million) in his race than Davis (3.487 million) got in his anyway.

There's no doubt, then, that the Californians want Arnold, not Davis.

And have you looked at the results farther down the ballot in the Joke Candidate category?

• Larry Flynt finished atop the pack of ridiculous candidates (15,155 votes) and 7th overall.

• Gary Coleman (12,549) was hot on Flynt's wheels, finishing 8th overall

• Mary Carey (9,855) was 10th overall

• Gallagher (4,784) smashed his way to 16th on the list


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