Thursday, October 16, 2003

The move is on!

I got word today that "Randy" is turning over the keys to the new Casa Ken (and Casa The Wife) this coming Wednesday, enabling us to start our move on that day and be officially in residence by the end of next weekend (the moving / LSU-Auburn party is Saturday).

So now everything swings into motion. I just got off the phone with DishNetwork about getting my service set up there (it's also set for Wednesday). During the call, you get transferred to an agent who goes over all the rules - someone over 18 must be there; you must have the TV set up 3 feet off the wall; if you reschedule, you must give 24 hours' notice; etc. - and one of the things she asked was "Is there a homeowners association?" My quick mind, in which is stored the information that there is already a DirecTV dish installed at the house, reasons that it is harmless to answer this with the correct answer - "yes".

So I say "yes, but there's already a DirecTV dish on the house, so dishes are not an issue." Her response was that I need to provide a letter stating that dishes are OK, because the rules may have changed.

Well, fuck me, I'm thinking. I haven't met any association people, and I do not yet have any paperwork. The association, you see, exists to maintain a gate on the main part of the subdivision that was not, in fact, built. It's 10% of an association at best.

As it turns out, I got put on hold during part of the process for so long that the woman forgot where she was in the rundown of questions when we resumed that part of the call. So she starts over.

When she got to "is there a homeowners association?" I said "no" and that seemed to satisfy her. Hopefully there will be no issues encountered with this Wednesday.

With that task handled, I moved on to security system monitoring. Randy gave me the name of the company he is currently using (almost all of the houses have this company's sign in their yards, so I checked out their site.

My inclination is to not consider them based solely on their amazingly useless website. They plug applets in to make the buttons change colors when you mouse over, yet there is no content on the site. And some design firm actually put their name on this.

In any case, I welcome any feedback on good and bad security companies out there. Looking for cheap, reliable monitoring without a contract.


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