Thursday, October 23, 2003

Let's Make a Deal

Our (now) former tenant "Randy" is a really cool guy. He's got this Moby / Michael Stipe vibe going, works in the Internet world and has great taste in music, art and - of course - houses.

So I was pretty apprehensive about our scheduled meeting last night to hand over the keys and make him officially our former tenant. This was because as of yesterday afternoon the house was still just plain filthy.

I'm talking bags of garbage all over, boxes - empty & full, intact and broken apart, you name it - everywhere, leftover crap from the yard sale in the garage and not a lick of cleaning having been done.

We saw this on Sunday after the yard sale was over. I figured Randy would probably get stuff cleaned out Monday. So I go over Monday night ... exactly the same. Tuesday night? Nothing had changed. Wednesday at noon? Still a filth pit.

With us moving Friday and Saturday, this was not a good thing. I quickly arranged to have the cleaning crew who's doing the move-out clean on the old place come out today and clean the new place, figuring I'd take the cost out of Randy's security deposit.

But I still dreaded the 6:30 house hand-over. I didn't want my last experience with Randy to be unpleasant. Because up until this, things had gone just fine.

I was prepared, however, to be a jackass about it. The house was getting cleaned Thursday, and Randy's paying for it. And we're moving Friday. End of story.

I anticipated his potential reaction that, technically, he's renting through the end of October so he'll clean the place when he damn well pleases.

I even thought maybe he thought it was next Wednesday we were doing the handoff. I nervously awaited his arrival.

Then at 6:20 he bounds through the door. He's smiling, friendly, asks how things are and all that. I give him "Things are good. The house is pretty filthy, though" as my lead in.

He comes back with "I'm here to make a deal. I had every intention to get over and finish up here, but honestly I'm just not into it. I'd rather be working on my new place."

So I tell him I figured as much, had already ordered the cleaning crew, how much it would cost and that I'd just take it out of his deposit.

He said the price seemed a little high, then laughed and said "but you have me by the short ones."

After I agreed to buy the brand-new 17" monitor and two Sony CD changers he'd left behind for $50 and told him I'd deal with the rest of the yard-sale stuff if I can take the tax writeoff, we talked shop for a little while and he was off.

He says he's having a housewarming party at the new place, and we'll get an invitation. We'll invite him back over to his old place for our party, too.

And thus ends the saga of Randy and The House Hunt. I call this episode: "The Final Burial"


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