Wednesday, October 22, 2003

"It's a Seven Twenty Who?"

My Wednesday afternoon was spent at the new house, waiting around for the DishNetwork installation team. It was lonely over there; just me, the breakfast table we'd bought from the previous owners, and the piles of trash, dog hair and empty boxes the former owner/tenant had left behind (more on that later).

That the Dish system was the first thing to be set up at the new house was not an accident. The LSU/Auburn game Saturday night will come at the end of our big move day, and will be the first featured event at the new place.

So I packed up the living room TV, the little spare TV (a stand-in for our bedroom set so I didn't have to tote it back and forth), my DishPVR 501 and DishPVR 721 Number 5 (yes, it is still alive) and brought them up to the new place.

I have enough experience with DishNetwork and specifically the DishPVR 721 to know nothing is simple with this particular piece of equipment. I had told the DishMover person I needed the DishPro Quad LNBF when I set the move up and explained that I, in fact, was the one person in the U.S. who has a DishPVR 721.

When the install crew - two young ladies who didn't look like installers - showed up, I had to spend 20 minutes or so telling them about the 721, since they had not only never installed one, but had never even heard of it.

"See, it has two satellite inputs, because it has two tuners," I said politely. They were very nice, but just didn't know what to make of this box. Finally I told them to treat it like I had two separate tuners in the same spot, and that helped things along.

They then set about hooking my system up. The 501 upstairs was no problem. And they even managed to get two cables down to the 721. And, it seemed, the system was working for a while.

Then they went back up the ladder and started fooling around with the dish. Two hours later, they said a specialist was going to have to come out because they were not picking up the signal for the 119 satellite, just the 110.

Since it was 7:30 by this time, I didn't offer my theory that they must be using a multi-switch up at the dish, when the DishPro Quad has its own switch built in and is not compatible with other switches (installing your own Quad teaches you these things). But I suspect that's what the advanced tech guy will find out when he comes out.


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