Monday, October 27, 2003

Dear Google searcher, let me set the record straight

Among the latest search terms that have guided folks to Cap'n Ken's is the term She crashed boxter searched on at Google.

As with most odd search paths that lead to The Cap'n, I had to check this one out and see how one would begin with that search and end up at CKHW.

That search on Google returns CKHW as the 17th result, with the exerpt shown as:

... and Catherine Zeta-Jones driving a Boxter down Melrose Ave ... she's not very attractive.) Again, there were probably a ... and burritos for dinner, and crashed about 9 ...

So did somebody click on my blog because they think I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is not very attractive??? Man, I can't have that.

For the record, I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fine, fine piece of ass, although she was hotter before she started squeezing out yard apes.

And, we only thought it was her and Mike driving the Boxter ... it's Elizabeth Berkeley I don't find attractive ... the post-burrito crashing was not a literal thing.


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