Thursday, October 02, 2003

And I thought I had problems

This from the Catholic prayer site where I posted my best wishes for the Pope:
 : : : :

Hello, we are live in Brooklyn, in N.J.West Orange and in N.Y. Please help us pray the Lord to get full deliverance of powerful enemy with sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual reipping. sexual leaking, with forcing sex, with molestation our vergainas and peneses, and with vampire powers, enemy against our lifes the over past 9 years, with chuking, sucking our trauth, our vergainas, our peneses including every our teens, every our kids trauth and peneses, and verganas, please help us sooner, very sooner with stop or kill powerful enemy, because enemy love war, and love chuking our trauth, and love sucking our blood of our trauth, of our vergainas and peneses, we are have to figting back with powerful enemy, because millions people, mans and womens, including witch vampire, inkluding every witches and mind readers and people with others powers, and millions kids and millions teens get dead attacks every day, 24 hours a day from chuking trouth attacks, from sucking our trouth, and arteria from every each one hwo in the war with powerful enemy, and every each one innosent hwo is have no powers of protection them selfs, and our vergainas, including period from every womens, and every girls period'' our blood'', including mans and boys, and teens peneses. enemy chuking every kids and teens in the every skool, including every each one in the cars, in the works, in the streets, in our aprt, when we are along and no badies help us to we are get sooner protection from people hwo is with powers astral flying hwo is help to take awy from our trath or from our vergainas or from our peneses powerful enemy with vampire powers, and with sucking our blood powers and with all systamatic, sadistic, painful sexual abuses, enemy flying from the big distance with enemy astral spiritual bodies and against us all everywhere 24 hours a day, and enemy hears us all from the big distance and everywhere folloving, harassment, spying us all, and make for us all big black mass with satans control under every each one our trauth, arterias, every each one our vergainas, and every each one peneses. and every each one blood and in our blood our sould, enemies control our every each one sould from the distance and know where we are eny time and send for our trauth, and peneses, and vergainas full satanic vampire dead attacks. Please help us to get full protection of God millions angels of heaven. Please help us pray long time, and breack all satans controls under every each one sould, and lifes and trauth, and peneses and vergainas forever.

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