Thursday, September 04, 2003

Will Jesus do it for 5%?

I got home last night to find a flyer in the kitchen door from a 'hood Realtor. Seems the "For Sale By Owner" sign in our yard attracts enterprising agents looking for business. Can't knock the effort, although the best opportunity marketing I have encountered was the mortgage broker who tried to give me his card at Lowe's as I was walking out with the aforementioned For Sale sign.

Nothing really surprising in the flyer - it talks about why a Realtor is better than FSBO (for the record, I doubt we'll end up selling it without a Realtor, but no harm in throwing the sign up while we still have 60 days to live there). But what got me was the agent's URL:

Now, I tend to share Ted Turner's view about Christianity, but I'm not about to knock someone's faith. Whatever - sort of gunning down people in the name of Jesus - works for you, man.

However, I find something really disgusting about businesses that throw their "Christianity" around as a marketing tool.

If you visit, there's no mention of Shontel's deep faith in Jesus, her devotion to God or anything like that. Her "about me" section tells the heart-warming story about how she made an assload of money flipping a 'hood house and decided realty sales was for her. Yet she chose as her URL. Subtle, Shontel, subtle.

I Googled [+christian +businesses] and came up with, which lists all sorts of "Christian" enterprises.

Among my favorites:

Sherry Miller's Golden Chair - a beauty salon in New Jersey where "We believe in enhancing the natural beauty that God gave to each individual." Here's what Sherry has done to one New Jersey family (maybe even her own):
[photo removed]

Pfundt Motor Company - a highly religious used-car lot in Oklahoma. The Lord giveth Lincoln Towncars - and they're priced to move!