Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Who's finding the Cap'n?

Here at Cap'n Ken's, we've been gearing up our marketing and customer research efforts. You'll now see we're part of some blog listing/linking services, and we've begun to track audience behavior much more closely.

In browsing our user referral data, we found the list of search terms leading folks to the Cap'n quite interesting. The Cap'n asked that we share some of the findings.

Regular readers of Cap'n Ken are well aware of his trials with the DishPVR 721 (he tells us No. 5 is still alive after two weeks. Yippee!). Thanks to all his ranting on the topic, "dishpvr 721" is among the biggest search terms driving traffic here.

Of course, LSU and SEC Football drive a lot of visits, as do East Atlanta and matters of the Cap'n's hood.

We had to dig deep to figure out a few of the referrals, though. People ended up at the Cap'n's place by searching:

SLOGAN ABOUT WISDOM AND VIRTUES on Yahoo [Try it] - the Cap'n is the 28th result there. Comes from "Shh .. it's the mosquito people"

gwinnett nissan murano sale on Google [Try it] - we're the 4th result for this search. From "All about the Benjamins"

Dave Reese architect from alabama on Google [Try it] - also the 4th result, from "Fame, fortune and friends"

and best of all:

ice cream machine fairly used for sale in u.s.a from september 2003 on Google [Try it] - the 11th result, from a blend of several Cap'n postings

We've been trying to tell the Cap'n that his rambling style is causing problems here in marketing and promotion. One day he's on LSU football; the next he's trashing Christians (again). But taking sense into the Cap'n is like talking butter into a muffin. Just doesn't work that way.


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