Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Week 1 Wrapup

No, I will not only write about SEC Football from now until January, but I do plan to note my observations week-to-week.

So week 1 - LSU played in a tropical storm against the semi-collegiate University of Louisiana at Monroe. 49-7 was the outcome. That's what's expected in a cream-puff opener; big number on your side, little number on theirs. Things were so sloppy in Deaf Valley, it's hard to read too much into the stats, but 306 yards passing between Mauck and Randall is not horrible. And good to see Justin Vincent and Alley Broussard get some carries in. Arizona will be a pretty good test this week.

Elsewhere, Georgia looked really strong blanking Clemson; Tennessee looked OK against Fresno, but not as good as Georgia looked. Florida scored 65 points on San Jose, which is very Spurrier-like. Alabama looked very, very beatable.

And then there's Auburn. Rough day vs. USC, to say the least. I don't think they are as bad as they looked Saturday, but they are obviously not as good as The Sporting News - who has them as a preseason No. 1 and still (to save face) has them at No. 9 - thought, either. The Trogan blanking dropped them from 6th to 17th/19th in the real polls. Ouch.

So the Cap'n is 1-0 in LSU predictions. I didn't post SEC predictions for week 1, but my unspoken predictions have me as 7-3 after the first week (I had Auburn, Miss St. and Kentucky winning). I'll post weekly picks going forward, for kicks.


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