Thursday, September 11, 2003

Theida Salazar for ... whatever the hell she wants to do

As the wife mentioned in her blog today, I lost my wallet last night at Turner Field. Best as I can figure, it fell out of my pocket sometime in the last couple of innings. [note: I think I've figured out why my $9.99 Gap shorts were on clearance - shallow pockets].

I have a habit of feeling for my wallet when I get up to leave someplace, and when we headed out of the stadium last night, it weren't there. I was only about 20 feet from my seat, but by the time I made it back, it was nowhere to be found.

So the rest of the evening was spent calling the credit card companies and NetBank to get my cards cancelled. Thanks to the asshat who used one of our cards to buy himself a membership to last week, one of our accounts already had a replacement on the way (it was in the mail when I got home today).

This morning I called the Braves' lost and found number and reported my wallet lost. I had very low expectations from the voice-mail system they have to report lost items. But just a couple of hours later, I got a call saying they had my wallet (apparently they had already called my house after looking up my number based on my license).

My wallet was there, along with the credit cards and - amazingly - cash.

So I stopped by The Ted on my way home and grabbed my wallet. A quick inventory showed:

• $33 in cash (as far as I remember, exactly what I had before)

• all six credit cards (no, I don't use six credit cards; I just have six credit cards)

• my $25 Tower Records gift card

• my $15 worth of MediaPlay cash

• the receipt for the $25 I spent for work at Krispy Kreme Monday

• my driver's license

... and so forth. Easily a $100+ loss if I don't get the wallet back.

Then I notice, tucked away behind the cash, a business card. It reads:

"Theida Salazar for Georgia House of Representatives."

Apparently Theida - or somebody who works for her - found my wallet. It makes sense that a politician is the one type of person who might be expected to return a wallet with all the cash intact. Especially if they have a business card to stash inside it.

It looks like Theida is running for a Cobb County post, so I can't vote for her. But if she ever moves to Atlanta or runs state-wide, she's got my vote. For whatever she wants to be.

Thanks, Theida.


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