Monday, September 15, 2003

SEC week 3 wrapup

Fun weekend of football; although the wife didn't do me the favor of going home to see her parents this time (should be a requirement Sept - Dec), so it was hit-and-miss on pigskin watching.

My boys in Baton Rouge took care of Western Illinois, although through the pain of fumbles, dropped passes and just damn sloppy play. It was 13-7 in the 3rd quarter, but we ended up rolling it up to 35-7. A total of 457 yards of offense (305 passing by Matt Mauck) is a good sign for Georgia this week. And get those fumbles out of the way early, Joe Addai.

So we've got the three easy games under the "W" column, which we usually don't manage to do. And cumulative score is 143 - 27. Again, against creampuffs, but a typical LSU year has us 2-1 at this point with a cum score of 54-45.

And now Georgia. More on that later in the week.

Elsewhere, Auburn managed to score 44 on Vandy. Good job there.

Arkansas pulled off the big upset at Texas (I swear I almost picked this as the upset ... but didn't). Setting up a big game to end the season.

Bama looked rough early but finished off Kentucky late.

Florida rolled over Fla A&M. No surprise. I said 77-7, and it was 63-3.

South Carolina at Georgia. Well, a boy has to try. What fun is it to pick the favorite? Short story is Georgia still looks damn good (although it appears their schedule hasn't been as tough as once thought). It'll be a good game in BR on Saturday.

Ole Miss and ULM. Eli was pissed, and Miss ran up 59 points.

Miss. State at Tulane. It's the "upset" the Cap'n got right! Although hardly a shocker. I like that the final was exactly 1 touchdown more for each team that I predicted.

So let's recap:

Week 3 finds the Cap'n with a record of 6-2 and raises the season record to 22-7. LSU picks are 3-0 for the season.


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