Monday, September 08, 2003

SEC week 2 recap

Well, my Bengal Tigers came through in a big way, spanking what must be the worst team in the Pac 10 (Arizona) 59-13. The game was never close, and despite the announcers' cheerleading of Arizona throughout the first half, they just couldn't hang.

It's hard to make too much of the game, Arizona being so pitifully awful, but it's surely a better outcome than, say, only beating MTSU 29-7 or losing to Ga. Tech.

Games I got right:

• Oklahoma over Alabama - if not for a fake punt, Alabama probably comes away with the big upset. But no.

• Miami over Florida - if not for Ron Zook, Florida wins this one. I came real close to actually rooting for Florida (it takes a very, very special circumstance for that to happen) because the Miami thugs are such asshats that they got 15-yard celebration penalties after almost every touchdown. Thankfully for Miami, the Crocodiles have Ron Zook.

• Georgia over MTSU - Dawgs win, but didn't look good. Clemson lost to Furman, casting doubts over the quality of UGA's win in week 1.

• Tennessee over Marshall - I came close to picking Marshall for the upset, and they came close to pulling it. Tennessee the best team in the SEC East? Hardly. Florida looks much better, and Georgia looks better, too.

• Kentucky over Murray State - Nothing to see here. Move along.

• Memphis over Ole Miss - My upset special, and the Tigers came through. [side note: if the Memphis Tigers can actually get themselves a live Tiger as a mascot, why do the Auburn Tigers settle for a bird as their mascot?]

• Arkansas over Tulsa - Not much of a test for the pigs, but you have to figure them No. 3 in the SEC West, behind LSU and Alabama.

• Vanderbilt over UT Chattanooga - Go Coms!

Games I blew:

• Auburn over Ga. Tech - I hear even the Tech fans didn't believe they could win this game. Auburn is as bad as they looked in week 1, it seems.

• Virginia over South Carolina - Way to go, Lou! I think Holtz is much like former LSU hoops coach Dale Brown - he shines when he has so-so players to motivate. I feel ashamed for picking an ACC school over an SEC school.

So week 2 sees me at 9-2 in my picks, and overall 16-5 for the season.

And based on the first two weeks of the season, my pre-season outlook for LSU is leaning toward some changes (I shant make an official change in my prediction, however).

Overall, I think LSU is looking stronger than I would have thought, so that bodes well. I like our chances much more against Auburn (obviously) and Georgia after two weeks, and I'm less confident that we'll beat Florida. South Carolina looks good, but we'll see.


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