Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Plate update

Yes, the news of Georgia's new, URL-laden 2004 license plate did break here at Cap'n Ken's. (see Why didn't I see this coming?).

My piece on the topic appeared August 14, and a Google news search shows the story breaking in the mainstream press more than two weeks later.

So far there has been no outrage from Ray Charles fans, advocates for the poor, Cobb & Gwinnett counties or Georgia Clean & Beautiful (again, see Why didn't I see this coming?). But wait until the first ones start to appear in 2004.

For further reading and opinion about the tags from the lazy "professional" journalists:

AJC's Lane Ranger, Aug 29.

AP Story, Augusta Chronicle, Aug 30.

Gainesville Times Editorial, Sept. 2.

ETA for a Business Chronicle story: 6 weeks.


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