Friday, September 12, 2003

The Man in Black

The wife woke me up sometime around 6 this morning to tell me Johnny Cash had died.

Quite honestly, I've been expecting to hear this news just about every day since June Carter Cash died four months ago. Seeing Johnny in the Hurt video some months back, it was easy to see, as the wife said, that he "was not long for this world." He was 70 then, but looked 90. That video felt like an obituary.

And when June - the woman who saved his soul 40 years ago and had taken care of him ever since - died, I knew Johnny couldn't be far behind.

Johnny doesn't need me to tell you how important and amazing he was. If you don't know enough about Johnny Cash to realize why, I recommend an excellent and detailed obituary from The Gate.

I'll note one thing, however, for you to think about and absorb. Johnny began his career working with Sam Phillips and ended it working with Rick Rubin. If you don't grasp the meaning of that, I can't help you.

Other good Johnny reads:

The Tennessean obit

Country Music Hall of Fame profile

Career Highlights on

So long, Johnny.

P.S. To CNN and everybody else who devoted more time this morning to the death of John Ritter than the death of Johnny Cash:


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