Saturday, September 20, 2003

L.A., Day 2

As forshadowed in "The Cap'n on the coast", our second day out left began at Duke's Coffee Shop, next door to the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip. Yep, the place was where The Doors started, as witnessed by the big Doors poster on the wall.

There's talk that Duke's is a great place to see celebrities, and we had an exciting brush with fame there today.

Sitting mere feet away from us was a guy who apparently directs TV shows and a buddy of his who is apparently a writer trying to become an actor (you sit close together at Duke's). The director is doing a project with Ben Stiller, and he was encouraging his buddy to do short films to get in the director biz. Apparently the biggest project his buddy has been involved in was standing off camera feeding lines to Abe Vigoda. "That's cool" were the encouraging words of his director pal.

After Duke's, we hit the Beverly Center mall (L.A.'s largest) for some browsing, then some grub shopping around Hollywood. Nothing too exciting there.

Then on to do the mandatory Hollywood tourist thing - the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Lame.

Some more convertible touring, including a scouting trip to the Wiltern theater (site of the Eddie Izzard show which prompted this trip) and a drive-by of UCLA's Westwood Village, and it was back to the hotel to think about dinner before the Izzard show.

We picked Cafe Med a casual but hip Italian place on Sunset. We sat on the patio and watched the parade of luxury cars on Sunset Blvd. And - this is exciting - we got our first confirmed star sighting: Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray turning the corner in his Escalade. Hooray for us.

There was also a girl who I thought was Jennifer Garner (wasn't), and some guy who was eating there who had to be somebody, since he looked poor but drove away in one of those Mercedes military truck things. Likely a member of one of those 99X bands.

From there it was off to see Eddie. I'll let the wife go on about the show (when she has the time), but we saw none other than Mel Brooks in the audience. Also there was that Elizabeth Berkeley girl from Showgirls and Saved by The Bell (I never thought she was very attractive, but after seeing her in person, I can say for sure ... she's not very attractive.)

Again, there were probably a dozen people in the audience that I believe to be "famous", but I couldn't tell you who they are. But I figure if some guy shows up at a show like this looking like Tommy Lee (tattoos, facial hair, ski cap) and with a hot girl on his arm, he's either famous or an idiot.

And now it's 11:30 local time (2:30 a.m. on the internal clocks), and we're once again not getting dressed to hit the Viper Room around 3. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


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