Thursday, September 04, 2003

In defense of the wife

The wife came home this evening and told me to check out her blog. So I did. Seems she felt the need to write about her impending Accutane treatment for what she thinks is the world's worst case of acne. (the wife's acne blog).

To read her blog, you'd think my wife was a hideous, pock-laden beast not fit to display herself in public. Yes, she's 30 and still suffering from acne breakouts. And there's nothing particularly attractive or sexy about acne itself.

But what the wife suffers from more significantly than acne is the poor self-image that goes along with it. And it's unwarranted. My wife is hot. Much too hot, frankly, for me to deserve her. I married up; there's no doubt about that.

It's a sad thing that (hot) people such as my wife tend to focus on the one negative thing about their appearance rather than the many more things that make them extraordinarily attractive.

I shant go on about all the physical attributes that make the wife so hot, but suffice it to say she's quite the looker. Friends and family agree (those friends and family also agree she could do better than me ...).

And I guess I shouldn't complain about her low self-image. I figure that's the only thing that makes her settle for a mug like mine.


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