Friday, September 19, 2003

The Cap'n on the coast

Greetings from sunny West Hollywood. The Cap'n and the wife arrived L.A. way yesterday, and we'll be out until Monday.

I won't rant too much about the flight, except that Delta made us buy our own food AND still charged $5 to watch the movie (we watched The Royal Tenenbaums on the laptop instead). At least they took credit cards.

Yesterday was spent getting the lay of the land. What MapQuest doesn't tell you is that Sunset Blvd. is about a 1500-foot vertical rise from Santa Monica Blvd., where we're staying. So a 1/4 mile walk up to The Whiskey took about 45 minutes. We'll drive from now on, thanks.

We got us a convertible Mustang, which is cool and will come in handy when we hit the PCH this weekend. Apparently you can tell that someone is a tourist in L.A. because we're the only ones with the top down. We cruised Hollywood, hit Mulholland Drive, took pictures with the Hollywood sign in the background, etc.

After the time change hit us, we opted for taco-stand tacos and burritos for dinner, and crashed about 9 p.m. local time. Yeah, lame. But what do you want?

Three observations from Day 1:

1) If you think Atlanta is polluted, you should see this place. From the Hollywood Hills, you see nothing but brown sky looking toward downtown. I think I know know why they ban smoking in restaurants; that's the only place to find decent air.

2) Just about everyone here looks like they could be a celebrity. Seeing people on the street, anybody could be a young, hip star. Peering into the Mercedes, Hummers and BMWs provides a bit of a star qualifier, but most people in the fancy rides look more like lawyers or doctors. I may have seen Penelope Cruz on Mulholland, though.

3) Hollywood and West Hollywood, from what we've seen so far, seem pretty fucking cool. Very much an urban neighborhood, easy to walk around, yet it's got the sunny California thing working for it. We hit some really awesome bungalow neighborhood down Beverly Blvd yesterday. I doubt we could afford it.

We're off for breakfast now. We're gonna hit a place called Duke's Coffee Shop, which is next door to the Whiskey and used to be a club ... where The Doors were the house band.

Gotta love this place.


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