Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Cap'n answers your search questions

This is a new, semi-regular feature here at CKHW. I'll seek to answer questions implied by the search terms folks are using to find this particular corner of the Internet.

For the debut edition, I'd like to answer the question:

"should I buy the east atlanta house" posed by a Yahoo! user.

Well, Mr. Yahoo! user, yes! Absolutely!

East Atlanta, as you know, is Atlanta's hippest neighborhood, and it's getting hipper (and more expensive) by the day. There are a lot of homes for sale in the area, but I think there are two key things to look for.

1) Price. You can easily pay $300K or more for a decent place, but look in the $220K - $240K for the real deals

2) Location. Never, ever, ever consider buying a house that's more than a half-mile from the Village. The best place to live is south of Glenwood and east of Flat Shoals.

I came across a real bargain the other day. You should consider buying this place:

Van Vleck House

Hope this helps. Good luck in your search!


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